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The aim of work package 2 is to create a sustainable EU network of mining and metallurgy regions by an increased sensitivity to improving framework conditions (including administration, land use planning, investment conditions, training and attracting skilled workforce), social issues and industry competitiveness as well as raised public raw material awareness through a long-term cooperation. The main target is to utilise the outputs framework analysis from WP3 and from the SWOT analysis respective the call related issues of: SLO, policy making and smart specialisation, and ESIF derived from WP4-6 and those from a SWOT analysis on network potential of research and academia and valorisation of mining heritage for networking regions by different approaches. The objective is to establish coherent co-ordination and support mechanisms among a representative number of EU regions, and identify and engage the other relevant EU regions.

Work Package Contact

Contact person for Work Package 2

Wolfgang Reimer

Wolfgang Reimer
GKZ Freiberg

Related Information

  • By Hilary Webb

Networking Matrix v.10

The Networking Matrix is a theoretical approach in WP2 to support Networking Regions.

  • By Hilary Webb

Deliverable 2.1

Deliverable 2.1 from the MIREU project.

  • By Ryan Titley

3rd SLO stakeholder workshop - briefing memo

This is the briefing memo from the 3rd MIREU SLO stakeholder workshop with the theme ‘ensuring SLO is adaptive and resilient" which took place on 5-6 June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. 

  • By Ryan Titley

Castilla y León - EU cluster matchmaking event

An EU cluster matchmaking event was organised in Castilla y León in April within the framework of the REMIX project and the EU Cluster Weeks.

  • By Ryan Titley

Skills and research for the mining of the future

Until recently, mining was a synonym for the industrial crisis of “old” Europe. Mine shafts became a part of our industrial heritage and a reminder for a vanished tradition. But times have changed: mining in Europe plays a more and more important role in securing access to important raw materials for the future.

  • By Ryan Titley

From Saxony for Europe - skills and research for the mining of the future

The region of Saxony organised a side event under the topic 'From Saxony for Europe - Skills and Research for the Mining of the Future' at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

  • By Ryan Titley

Seminar on cultural and industrial world heritage in mining and metallurgy – a European fact-finding

As part of the stakeholder engagement and networking of regions, MIREU partner GKZ Freiberg carried out a one-day ‘Seminar on Cultural and Industrial World Heritage in Mining and Metallurgy – a European Fact-Finding.

  • By Ryan Titley

Sweet kisses from Brussels

MIREU partner GKZ Freiberg decided to mark the kick-off of the ambitious MIREU project with a conference, which was held on 1 March 2018 in Dresden, Saxony.

  • By Hilary Webb

Maramures Fact-Finding Mission

GZK and AMEMM are planning a fact-finding mission in Maramureș, Romania in September 2020.

  • By Ryan Titley

MIREU conference on mining heritage

The MIREU project is organising a conference on mining heritage between 21-23rd April 2020 in Cornwall, UK. 

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