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Intensified collaboration in East and North Finland through MIREU & REMIX

Read about how MIREU partner regions North Karelia and Lapland from Finland have been activators in the development of interregional collaboration among all East and North Finland Regions through the joint efforts of MIREU and REMIX.

The UK's 'green future' and mining in the south west

A MIREU partner from the Camborne School of Mines – University of Exeter has published an article discussing the need for sustainably sourced raw materials to meet increasing demand and how the UK, in particular the south west, could be part of the addressing these challenges. 

Critical raw materials identified in EPRS 'Ten issues to watch in 2021'

Critical raw materials for Europe has been identified as one of the top ten issues to watch in 2021, according to a special report by the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). The annual report sees policy analysts identify the most relevant issues. 

Virtual Networking between Cornwall & Saxony

As part of the MIREU project, the regions of Cornwall & Saxony are involved in a Twinning Project with the regions represented by The University of Exeter (UNEXE) and Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg (GKZ). Learn more about their recent activities in this article.

EURACTIV special report on critical raw materials in Europe

EURACTIV is running a special report on Europe's renewed drive for strategic autonomy in relation to critical raw materials. 

European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) launches

Today the European Commission has launched the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). ERMA was announced as part of the Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials earlier in the month.