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Virtual Networking between Cornwall & Saxony

As part of the MIREU project, the regions of Cornwall & Saxony are involved in a Twinning Project with the regions represented by The University of Exeter (UNEXE) and Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg (GKZ). Learn more about their recent activities in this article.

EURACTIV special report on critical raw materials in Europe

EURACTIV is running a special report on Europe's renewed drive for strategic autonomy in relation to critical raw materials. 

European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) launches

Today the European Commission has launched the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA). ERMA was announced as part of the Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials earlier in the month. 

GREENPEG project launches

The Horizon 2020 GREENPEG project, designed to improve exploration in Europe for pegmatites, has launched.

Open access article: Rethinking the concept of small-scale mining

An EU Horizon Impact project concerned with small-scale mining (SSM) and related sustainability aspects has recently published an article that may be of interest to the MIREU community.

Edumine & EIT Raw Materials needs assessment survey

EIT Raw Materials and Edumine are developing an assessment of the skills gap in the mining environmental engineering field and invite stakeholders to complete a survey.