Maramures landscape
Tue, 22/06/2021

Maramures Fact-Finding Mission

  • Tue, 22/06/2021

Join us and discover the landscape and the people of Maramureș!

During this fact-finding mission we will put the stakeholder meetings on the site visits and evaluate them at dinner.

This fact-finding mission will be conducted by GKZ and AMEMM without any minimum participation, and this invitation remains valid as long as no further travel regulations will hinder us. Please make yourself familiar with the present and actual travel regulations of your country. We will immediately inform you if Romania takes in force travel regulations that will affect this fact-finding mission.

Attached please find the programme and schedule. The travel to and from is expected to be the 21st and 24th of September. 

The mission will be an opportunity to discover and understand:

  • The region's mining history and material and immaterial heritage
  • The raw material wealth of Maramureș in terms of new mining activities
  • The legislative framework, ESIF and funding of mining activities
  • SLO and the public perception of mining and metallurgy in Romania
  • The regional development strategy of the Maramureș Region and Central Government.

Please see the attached programme for more information. 

At this stage we would like to know who in general plans to attend the FFM. Please indicate your participation by return mail to the organisers: Dr Wolfgang Reimer & Adina Dumitru.