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The Energy Management Agency of Maramures (AMEMM) was established by the Maramures County Council, the regional public administration of the county of Maramures (Romania) with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe program. AMEMM was created as an opportunity and necessity for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at county level. AMEMM is working closely with the regional and local authorities in Maramures on sustainable energy and climate planning documents.  

Other strategic founding members are the Baia Mare North University Center within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Municipality of Baia Mare, Maramures Environmental Protection Agency and Maramures Water Authority.

The Baia Mare University has a Department for Engineering of Mineral Resources, Materials and Environment conducting research in the fields of low-grade ore deposit mining, impact of mining technologies on plants and animals, design and implementation of underground mineral exploitation as well as mining ventilation systems and air conditioning, development of hazard data assessment regarding non-energy minerals fields, development of hazard maps and environmental quality evaluation.

The Agency was launched in August 2009 and serves a wide range of target groups: local and regional authorities, citizens, home owner associations, energy companies, students and teachers and has the following objectives:

  • AMEMM is a qualified body that carries out the activity in community interest and whose main objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of the county by promoting energy efficiency, energy management and use of renewable energy resources.  
  • AMEMM helps the local authorities to formulate and implement energy strategies and policies for green acquisitions and will have an input in informing the public and private businesses on the energy legislation and current issues, in the environmental education of the same in order to raise awareness on the requirement to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and production facilities and rational use of energy.

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Maramures Fact-Finding Mission

GZK and AMEMM are planning a fact-finding mission in Maramureș, Romania in September 2020.

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