Identifying and Promoting Regional Synergies for Economic Growth

The aim of work package 5 is to identify the potential for economic transformation in mining and metallurgy regions through 1) the identification of market and technology trends, 2) ascertaining challenges such as structural deficits, demographic change and geographic location, and 3) emphasizing competitive advantages such as the potential for excellence with the following objectives:

• To review RIS3 Smart Specialization Strategies of the MIREU regions concerning their assets in economic aid programmes, measures that foster market uptake and replication of innovative solutions, and strategies focusing on economic transition

• To identify challenges in demographic change and geographic location

• To define a roadmap of actions targeting the creation of new business opportunities and economic growth and linking this with the  EU’s Strategy on Raw Materials  

• To identify compatible partner Regions by matching regional and national economic development programmes

• Carry out a “regional mirroring” strategy across MIREU regions with the aim of informing public authority decision makers and regional strategic plans.

• To encourage regions without RIS3 and/or similar strategies to use best practices from MIREU in future policy making.

Work Package Contact

Contact person for Work Package 5

Santiago Cuesta-López

Santiago Cuesta-López

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