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The aim of work package 9 is to perform clustering activities with other ongoing and future Horizon 2020, EIT RawMaterials, Interreg and national projects related to MIREU within EU28. Clustering activities will be performed at an international level as well, based on the EU28 Member States (national and regional level) cooperation with International countries (e.g. Africa, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Russia etc.). The main objectives of WP9 are to:  

i) Identify MIREU relevant projects within EU28 and Internationally in three major cluster categories (i.e. Policy and Regional Strategies, Research and Innovation, Socio-economic); 

ii) Develop joint initiatives for information exchange to understand the aim and objective of the projects; 

iii) Avoid duplication of work and improve efficiency;  

iv) Share best practices among the different projects and deduce synergies in achieving the goals of MIREU project;  

v) Develop measures of sustain cooperation, discussion, problem-solving in the clustering work;  

vi) Identify cross-cutting issues. 

Work Package Contact

Contact person for Work Package 9

Chrysanthi Panagiotopoulou

Chrysanthi Panagiotopoulou
National Technical University of Athens

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  • By Ryan Titley

Raw Materials Meeting Societal Needs – MIREU’s event at EU Raw Materials Week

For the fourth iteration of EU Raw Materials Week, MIREU co-organised an all-day event alongside the European Commission, European Minerals Day and EUMICON. The overarching subject of the day’s four panels was ‘Raw Materials Meeting Societal Needs’.

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Join us at the EU Raw Materials Week 2019!

The EU Raw Materials Week will this year take place between 18-22 November in Brussels. As a strong voice for the European mining and metallurgy regions, MIREU will of course participate in the event.

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REMIX travels to the North for its last peer review visit

For its 9th and last Peer Review Visit, the REMIX project headed towards the North to the city of Joensuu, Finland, in mid-March. The meeting offered many interesting and valuable insights and visits.

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MIREU & REMIX collaboration

The MIREU project has since the start collaborated closely with its sister project REMIX. The two projects do not only share eight partners but are also closely linked through their objectives and ambitions.

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MIREU at the EU Raw Materials Week

Several MIREU project partners participated in the sessions at the EU Raw Materials Week 2018, which covered a broad range of topics related to raw materials, either as panellists, presenters, moderators or participants.

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MIREU at EU Raw Materials Week 2018

The 3rd edition of the EU Raw Materials Week will kick off in Brussels next week. The Raw Materials Week 2018 edition will go on from 12 to 16 November.

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EU Raw Materials Week 2020

The fifth edition of the EU Raw Materials Week will take place from Monday 16 to Friday 20 November 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

  • By Hilary Webb

Future of EU mining regions collaboration

The Industrial modernisation S3P Mining industry and the ERRIN task force on raw materials invite you to an online roundtable discussion on the future of the EU mining regions collaboration. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the initiatives supporting the networking of mining regions.

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Second SUMEX Clustering Workshop

The SUMEX project aims to create a sustainability framework for the European extractives industry and this webinar will challenge the current thinking around sustainability in the extractives sector by looking at good practices from other industries. 

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MIREU Webinar Series

An upcoming webinar series from the MIREU project will take place across three afternoons.

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