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DGIEM is the Regional Mining Authority responsible of the management of the mineral Public Domain, including Planning and implementation of the mineral policies at Andalucía Region (Spain). DGIEM is in charge of management of more than 3.000 mining rights, 500 mining exploitations (open pit and underground mines, gravels and quarry) and processing plants. 

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Deliverable 4.3

Deliverable 5.3 from the MIREU project.

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Summary record from OECD Mining and Cities workshop in October 2019

As part of the OECD Mining Regions and Cities Initiative, the conclusions from the workshop in Seville on 14th October 2019 have now been published.

  • By Hilary Webb

Future of EU mining regions collaboration

The Industrial modernisation S3P Mining industry and the ERRIN task force on raw materials invite you to an online roundtable discussion on the future of the EU mining regions collaboration. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the initiatives supporting the networking of mining regions.

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