Corta Atalaya mine
Fri, 13/12/2019

Summary record from OECD Mining and Cities workshop in October 2019

As part of the OECD Mining Regions and Cities Initiative, the conclusions from the workshop in Seville on 14th October 2019 have now been published. The workshop allowed Andalucía to be used as a case study for MIREU participants and international experts, as they shared thoughts on regional challenges. The summary note highlights the objectives of the workshop, 'Fostering Local Innovation and Developing Value Chains in a Mining Context';

  1. Develop evidence with guidance and tools
  2. Produce a series of regional case studies
  3. Develop a global platform for mining regions and cities.

The summary goes on to discuss the varied backgrounds of the 50 or so stakeholders who took part in the event, and how they shared their views on the best ways to foster the development of local value chains and innovation in the extractives context to enhance regional development. 

Key learnings in the report include;

  • The need for mining regions to have an alternative income outside of the mining territory
  • The circular economy provides opportunities to boost innovation in mining regions and in the sector as a whole
  • Innovation opportunities are not limited to the post-mining phase.

To read more click here or view the attached report.