International Center for Advanced Materials and Raw Materials of Castilla y Leon

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ICAMCyL (International Center in Advanced Materials and raw materials of Castilla y León) is a private non-profit research foundation created by the main industries from the region from the automotive, manufacturing, advanced materials, mining and processing of raw materials sectors. With the support of the regional government, ICAMCyL constitutes a competence center with the objective of aligning and working towards the smart specialisation strategy (RIS3) of Castilla y León.

The activities of ICAMCyL are focused on two main fields:

  • Sustainable mining
  • Advanced materials

ICAMCyL is well positioned at international level through its participation in strategic networks of relevance in the fields of raw & advanced materials such as:

- European Innovation Partnership in Raw Materials (EIP)
- European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)
- Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI)
- European initiative for sustainable development by Nanotechnologies (Nanofutures)
- European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies (EuMaT)

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  • By Hilary Webb

Deliverable 4.3

Deliverable 5.3 from the MIREU project.

  • By Ryan Titley

Castilla y León - EU cluster matchmaking event

An EU cluster matchmaking event was organised in Castilla y León in April within the framework of the REMIX project and the EU Cluster Weeks.

  • By Ryan Titley

Reflections from the MIREU high-level workshop

The MIREU project recently organised a high-level workshop on ‘Governance and Policy within Mining and Metallurgy EU Regions’, which was hosted by our project partner ICAMCyL in León, Spain.

  • By Hilary Webb

Future of EU mining regions collaboration

The Industrial modernisation S3P Mining industry and the ERRIN task force on raw materials invite you to an online roundtable discussion on the future of the EU mining regions collaboration. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the initiatives supporting the networking of mining regions.

  • By Ryan Titley

Governance and Policy within Mining and Metallurgy EU Regions

The MIREU project is organising a high-level policy workshops, focusing on the future of mining and metallurgy sectors in European regions, on 15th January 2019 in León, Spain.

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