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The public Technical University of Kosice (herein after TUKE) Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies (FBERG) historically refers to the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica, promoted to academic level in 1762 by the queen of Hungary and Bohemia Maria Theresa.  

Since 2015 FBERG under the auspices of TUKE participates in the EIT RawMaterials as an associated partner. As an internationally recognized research organization, FBERG is a strategic partner of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Economy within the establishment of the new Slovak Raw Material Policy. FBERG’s requested participation among other aims mainly at innovative methods a technologies of mapping and evaluating raw material deposits for the purposes of sustainable and socially accepted regional development. At national level FBERG is a member of the National technology platform for the research, development and innovation of raw materials - NTP VVIS and Association of mining societies and guilds in Slovakia. At regional level is in close cooperation with the Kosice self-governing region as a provider of external expertise and consultations.  

From the perspective of applied research and cooperation FBERG has been involved in tens of national (APVV, VEGA, KEGA, EU structural funds) and international research a development projects (INTERREG, FP7, KAVA).

FBERG focuses its research, development and education provided in traditional mining disciplines, including geology; mining; mineralogy, metallurgy and environmental technologies; technologies in fuel and gas industries; mining mechanization, transport and deep drilling. In terms of growing global societal challenges and knowledge driven economy and regional development, FBERG conducts research, development and provides education in fields covering economy of the Earth’s resources; geodesy and geographical information systems; informatisation and process control; industrial logistics; rescue, fire and safety techniques and geotourism and mining tourism.

TUKE operates with more than 700 professors, associate professors and assistants and with the same number of research and administrative staff, from which under the auspices of FBERG works the stuff of more than 200.

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