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MinPol GmbH – is a limited liability company according to Austrian law. In addition to the business activities described in the section "What we do" in more detail (www.minpol.com), MinPol is also running an international network of experts of every branch in the field of minerals policy that is continuously growing. The network is already by now covering almost all continents, which underpins the world-wide approach of MinPol. The network members contribute to discussions around the minerals policy fields and provide their individual expertise. They also provide ideas for future activities so that MinPol benefits from the network especially in its research activities. However, network members may also support in the MinPol business activities on contractual basis and thus form an extraordinary source of expertise for MinPol. The MinPol-network members have longstanding experiences in the field of international minerals policy and delivered scientific expertise on domestic and international level. Together we develop scientific reports, recommendations, position papers or even entire projects (from the analysis of available resources to consumption scenarios in the future). This allows MinPol to provide maximum support to clients in terms of international minerals policy, mining and environmental engineering, geology and IT.

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Future of EU mining regions collaboration

The Industrial modernisation S3P Mining industry and the ERRIN task force on raw materials invite you to an online roundtable discussion on the future of the EU mining regions collaboration. It will be an opportunity to learn more about the initiatives supporting the networking of mining regions.

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