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The Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesian Voivodeship is a regional public authority responsible for drawing up, implementation and management of strategic regional documents and policies, including the Development Strategy of Lower Silesia until 2020 and the Regional Innovation Strategy. The Office is also the managing body accountable for the compilation of the Regional Operational Programme and distribution of funds.

Institute for Territorial Development is a self-government organisational unit of the Office of the Lower Silesian Marshal. IRT carries out tasks of the voivodeship (province) related to policy of development and spatial planning. The Institute consists of an interdisciplinary team of specialists and planners providing knowledge and information about the region and formulating and monitoring public policies related to territorial development. Selected tasks of IRT include drafting policies, strategies, plans, reports, concepts constituting the base of programming social and economic development, environmental protection as well as conditions and directions of development policies such as spatial development plan of voivodeship and voivodeship strategy of development. In addition, IRT produces programs, analyses and studies in spheres of economy, environment, infrastructure and society that provide support for decision making processes in the voivodeship and is involved in transfer of innovative research methods to the sphere of modelling and programming development. IRT collects and processes information about the region and its surroundings including monitoring of social, economic, environmental and spatial processes and changes, anticipating and forecasting development processes. The Institute participates in numerous national and international projects such as: City Regions, Planning for Real, Together for Borderland, Metrex, Lower Silesian Bicycle Policy, IPPON, Strategy for Western Poland, DORT (Lower Silesian Observatory for Territorial Development) and other ones.

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