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The Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (IAF) is the development agency of the Government of Aragón (Spain) whose main objective consists on the promotion of the territorial development, the improvement of the competitiveness and the increase the economic productivity. IAF provides technical and financial expertise, develops entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of entrepreneurship, supports and advises business development, promotes business competitiveness and fosters innovation. The agency works closely with entrepreneurs, SMEs, local stakeholders, such as Public Institution, Universities, Clusters and Chambers of Commerce.

Aragón has mineral resources for very diverse uses can be found beneath it´s surface. Of particular note are the coal deposits located in the mining basins, mined primarily for use in thermal power stations. Aragón is a market leader in the extraction of non-metallic minerals such as clay, specifically special clays that are used in the manufacture of household and industrial absorbent granular and refractory clays, which in turn are used to manufacture ceramic tiles, flooring and bathrooms. Another of the non-metallic minerals extracted in Aragón and which is notable for its strategic importance, is halite (rock salt), used in the production of chlorine and lye. Also worthy of mention is the extraction of metallic minerals. Today they are almost a historical legacy but there is still the odd mine in existence.

Aragón is one of the Regions which receive funds for restructuring of coal mining and alternative development of mining regions, and IAF cooperates with Institute for Restructuring of Coal Mining and Alternative Development of Mining Regions  in the Aid Program for entrepreneurial projects.

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