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Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is a national geological research centre operating under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. GTK is an internationally known and recognized expert organization in applied earth sciences. The geological earth resources of strategic and economic importance are in the core of GTK's research mission and GTK has skills and knowledge in the area of environmental impacts of mining, mine closure, geology, mineralogy and mineral processing needed for the implementation of the project objectives. GTK contributes to a wide range of international geosciences, mapping, mineral resources and environmental monitoring projects as well as projects, which are concerned eco-efficient mining and mineral processing. GTK´s mineral potential research programme is tasked with identifying commercially significant mineral deposits and prospective terrains in order to secure raw material supplies for mining and mineral extraction industries.

Eco-efficient mining research programme focuses on developing environmentally friendly and resource efficient ore concentration methods, promoting utilization and recycling of wastes and by-products from the minerals industry, and developing geoscientific approaches to environmental issues in mining and exploration. GTK is active in the European Innovation Partnership-Raw Materials and one of the core partners in EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community Raw Materials. GTK coordinated the preparation of Finland´s Mineral Strategy appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. GTK Mintec, the certified mineral processing unit, offers to mining industry and equipment suppliers comprehensive and customized research capabilities ranging from mineralogical studies through bench-scale tests to continuous pilot campaigns. International references of GTK cover a wide spectrum of undertakings in about 40 countries of all continents. 

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