1st SLO Workshop
Thu, 17/05/2018

1st MIREU SLO workshop: linking SLO and sustainability

  • Thu, 17/05/2018

The 1st MIREU SLO Workshop with the theme Linking SLO and Sustainability: challenges in Europe and lessons from abroad took place in Rovaniemi, Finland, between 8th May and 9th May 2018. This first SLO workshop focused on different concepts related to sustainability practices.

The workshop explored what sustainability – social, environmental, and economic - looks like across Europe’s mining regions and how SLO both reflects this understanding and furthers it. Through a variety of conversations, story-telling and discussion topics, we explored international SLO guidance and practices from countries such as Australia, Chile and Canada; the challenges facing junior mining companies in Europe and whether there are practical solutions; SLO as a driver of innovation; and looked at how emphasising the link between the coming energy transition and necessary ramp-up in minerals and metals production can change the negative perception of mining pervasive throughout much of Europe.

The workshop was streamed online on YouTube both days. Please see the videos here (Day 1) and here (Day 2).