Mon, 24/06/2024

MIREU Final Event with the launching of the CoMMER

  • Mon, 24/06/2024

Don’t miss our final event that we will organise on Tuesday 20th April 2021 from 12:00 to 16:00 CET.

MIREU covers 17 major mining and metallurgy regions of the European Union, from Finland to Spain, from Romania to Ireland. Our project topics cover the challenges shared by all mining and metallurgy regions, questions on social license to operate, skills requirements and investment conditions, framework conditions either conductive or hampering the development of the mining and metallurgical industry.

At the MIREU final event, we will proudly share with you all the essential points we learned during the project. You will have a unique chance to hear real-life examples of the benefits of the new form of collaboration in Europe and globally. This new cooperation is the CoMMER - The Council of Mining and Metallurgy European Regions. Utilising the existing regional network of ERRIN, the CoMMER will form part of an ERRIN Task Force on Raw Materials, which will support the longevity of the initiative. This permanent interregional network and raw materials-focused task force also welcomes new members to join.

What can you expect from the event?

  • Insights on the regional cooperation and how it supports the mining and metallurgy sector
  • Networking with the mining and metallurgy regions
  • A conference with representatives of the European Union, regional authorities, research centres, universities, mining and exploration companies, etc.
  • Practical showcases of the interregional cooperation and its benefits in EU and internationally 

The full agenda can be found enclosed. 

The registration for this event has now closed.