The AGH University of Science and Technology was established in 1919. Nowadays, the University, being a technical school, serves science and industry through educating students, constant improvement of academic staff, as well as vide range of research and development activities. A wide scope of studies, conducted at the university is a result of its contemporary structure, which has been shaped over the last 90 years. Moreover the progress of the University units was connected with dynamic growth of the country’s economy. Research areas include among other: Geology and Mining; Information Technologies; New Materials and Technologies; Environment and Climate Changes; Energy and its Resources; Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; Exact and Earth Sciences; Social-Economic Sciences and Humanities. AGH UST has number of commercial technological and scientific laboratories. The university has over 680 laboratories which are exclusively used for educational purposes. AGH UST hosts one of the largest and most important nodes of the Polish part of the Internet. As a university of practical character, AGH UST focuses on collaboration with business and industry. It has signed partnership agreements with approximately 300 industrial plants, including large international corporations. 

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Background The 2nd MIREU SLO Workshop with the theme ‘SLO and Regional Development Perspectives’ took place in Leoben, Austria on 24-25 October 2018. This workshop was the second in a series of stakeholder workshops organised in the MIREU project. The main objective of this workshop was to explore the linkages between social license to operate (...

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